What Should you Wear Riding a Motorcycle?

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Everyone wants to look cool when they’re on their motorcycle, ATV, or mountain bike. The best way to make sure you can keep looking cool is by wearing the right safety gear. At Fast Mask, we care about your adventurous style, that’s why our gear is designed to protect as well as show off your unique personality. For more information on how protective gear keeps you safe, make sure to read on.

Protect Your Noggin

Your head holds your brain, which we hear is pretty important, and your face is, of course, your money maker. So, it makes sense, then, to make sure you wear a helmet anytime you ride. Loose gravel is enough to cause your face or head to slam against the road at full speed, and you’ll need a full-face helmet to protect everything from your neck up. If your helmet doesn’t cover your entire face, make sure to buy goggles or other eye protection, too.

Look Cool in a Jacket

Nothing looks cooler in most settings than a motorcycle jacket. This is especially true when you’re actually riding a motorcycle. You’ll want a jacket that will hold up well to the abrasive surfaces of most roads, but the fabric should be smooth enough to help you slide along it rather than getting caught in the nooks and crannies of the pavement.

Ideally, you’ll want something in leather or Kevlar, as those are the most durable fabrics for these types of jackets. Check for double seems, which can increase strength, and make sure the jacket fits well. You want it to be snug while still having a full range of movement.

What Should you Wear Riding a Motorcycle

Love the Glove

You need strong hands to ride a bike, so you need to protect your hands with the right gear. Gloves should cover your entire hand and be constructed from durable, abrasion-resistant materials. Reinforced stitching and padding around the palm are also needed, as that is the part of your hand most likely to hit the ground.

You Have to Wear Pants

You’ll need more than a good pair of Levi’s to protect your legs during a motorcycle accident. Riding pants made from leather, Kevlar, or other synthetic materials designed for riding are the best way to shield your legs from excessive scraping and damage. You should never wear just shorts, athletic pants, or khakis when you’re on your bike.

Mask Yourself

Our original motorcycle Fast Mask can shield your face from the sun, wind, cold, and insects or debris. They're also comfortable, breathable, and designed to be worn all day long. While you should wear a full-face helmet when riding, a Fast Mask can add even more protection. Plus, our dozens of bold, adventurous designs (as well as our ability to create a custom design face mask just for you), mean that you’ll never look out of style when you have one on.

Extra Credit for Other Essential Gear

The above list only the basic safety gear you’ll need for your motorcycle. That doesn’t mean, though, that you should stop there. To ensure you’ll as protected as well as you can be, you’ll need to make sure to check out some other essential gear:

  • Boots 
  • Motorcycle armour 
  • One-piece suits 
  • Cold weather gear 
  • Rain gear 

Being bold doesn’t mean being unsafe. Make sure to always wear enough safety equipment to ensure you’ll be able to get on your bike again tomorrow.

Be Bold and Safe With Fast Mask

At Fast Mask, we offer face masks, motorcycle and motocross gloves, and other gear and apparel to help keep you safe. Our designs should speak to any pulse-pounding, thrill-seeker, and our customized gear means your style will never be left out in the cold.

We’re ready to help you stay protected. Contact us today with any questions by calling 888-852-2114, emailing info@fastmask.com, or by reaching out through our website.