It's Not a Face Shield — It's a Fast Mask

Posted by Allan Heath on

If you live for the thrill of those blood-pumping, adrenaline-inducing moments on your motorcycle, snowboard, or mountain bike, you’re likely not so excited by those plain, cookie-cutter face masks that are a dime a dozen. No, you need something that matches your style and promotes your unique and bold brand of adventure-seeking. What you need is a Fast Mask.

What Is a Fast Mask?

A Fast Mask is many things, but what makes it special is its striking, in-your-face design that fits perfectly on your face. Designed like a tubular bandana, a Fast Mask is a perfect accessory for any extreme outdoor activity:

  • ATVing, mountain biking and motocross
  • Hunting and fishing 
  • Horseback riding 
  • Obstacle courses
  • Outdoor team sports 
  • Sailing 
  • Skateboarding 
  • Skiing and snowboarding 

A Fast Mask comes in over 90 distinctive designs. Looking for something bold and intimidating? We’ve got a design for you. Want a design that gets belly laughs as well as pats on the back? We’ve got a design for you. Want something that’s simply and utterly cool? Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise at this point, but we’ve got a design for you.

Fast Masks are made to be versatile and durable. You should always have your Fast Mask close by, as you can wear it in several different ways:

  • Face mask 
  • Bandana 
  • Beanie 
  • Hair tie 
  • Headband 
  • Neck gaiter 
  • Wristband 

Fast Mask Face Mask

How Are Fast Masks Made and Designed?

We make our masks with 100% polyester microfiber, and we offer a 100% fade guarantee. That’s right: Fast Masks are designed to hold up as well as you do in extreme conditions. If your mask ever fades, we’ll replace it for free.

We do this because Fast Masks are designed with you in mind. Not you generally, but you the person reading this website. We want our Fast Masks to reflect the bold, adventurous style of those born to be adrenaline junkies. You’ll find that our masks turn the heads of the right people for the right reasons — as well as the wrong people uncomfortable with just how fast and hard you’re moving.

Our designs run the gamut from superheroes and worthy causes to skulls and killer clowns. We’ve got designs for fans of Fortnitecuddly bears or even the patriotic. 

If you’re one to stick to the classics as you're tearing up the road, mountain, or waves, we’ve also got a wide selection of camo and bandana designs, too.

We think you’ll find a design that suits you, but if you can’t, we also offer the option to design your own custom Fast Mask. Whether it’s just for you or for your club, team, or fellow riders, you’ll find the perfectly designed Fast Mask.

Why Else Are Fast Masks So Great?

Of course, Fast Masks are more than just styling. They are comfortable and breathable so you can wear them for as long as you need. They’ll also shield you from the elements, with built-in SPF 40 UV protection. A Fast Mask can keep the cold, wind, and insects at bay so you’re not swallowing bug while your bike swallows up the road.

Fast Masks wick away moisture, resist stains, and dry quickly. This means that no matter where you’re using yours, it's the perfect facial protection to keep you outside all day long.

Why Fast Mask?

At Fast Mask, we don’t offer great gear for extreme sports. We focus on you, the customer, with awesome customer service that works to help you and not just get you off the phone line. We only carry Fast Mask gear and we ship it out to you fast because there’s nothing less thrill-seeking than waiting by the mailbox.

Reach out to us today with any questions about why a Fast Mask should be your new face mask. Shoot us an email at or reach out to us through our website.