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You’re familiar with our masks; perhaps you’ve even customized one for yourself or a buddy. You’ve started a keychain collection with our Live Fast Die Last line, and you couldn’t help but throw a hat into your cart the last time you visited the site. Well, riders, the time has come at last. Our motorcycle gloves have been designed to perfection, and you won’t want to wait to get your hands on them.

Gloves are a dime a dozen, but Fast Mask’s new Stealth motorcycle gloves are one in a million. With a focus on what our customers want most, we have come up with the greatest design. We realize your hands get a beating, whether you wipe out or are just riding in poor weather, so we've taken this gear to the next level.

Fast Masks NEW Stealth Motorcycle Gloves

Features You Can’t Resist

You may have thought the perfect motorcycle gloves couldn’t be achieved, but at Fast Mask, we have taken on the challenge and succeeded. The features you won’t be able to resist including:

  • Hidden Knuckle Protection – If you wipe out, your knuckles may be the first body part to hit the pavement. Made with a dual-compound rubber material, our protection feature makes sure your knuckles will be shielded no matter what.
  • Cut-Resistant Material – For added protection, the layer beneath the actual leather is made from Kevlar, which is heat- and cut-resistant.
  • Reinforced Leather – Some areas of a motorcycle glove just need that added reinforcement. We’ve included a leather reinforcement layer in the areas that often wear out first.
  • Carbon-Fiber Heel – The heel of your hand may need the most protection, and our carbon fibre insert provides that. Carbon fibre is extremely stiff, lightweight and heat-tolerant, keeping you comfortable on your ride.
  • Touchscreen Fingertip – Technology plays a large role in everyone’s lives, so you shouldn’t have to remove your gloves every time you want to change the music, send a quick text or use your navigation system. Our touchscreen fingertip uses a new material that offers better functionality and is conveniently placed on the tip of the index finger.

With all of these features put together, you can get the most comfort in a pair of motorcycle gloves. They’re flexible, they’re breathable, they’re attractive and they come in sizes XS-3XL, making them the perfect motorcycle gloves for any ride. For a premium-quality glove with a 100% fade guarantee, you can’t go wrong.


Choosing Us for Your Next Motorcycle Gloves

At Fast Mask, we don’t just create motorcycle accessories; we create the best motorcycle accessories, and that includes our gloves. During the design process, we always consider our customers. We ask, “Would a customer like this?” and if the answer is “no,” we waste no time: We scrap the idea and start again. This is how we were able to come up with the perfect motorcycle gloves, as well as all the other riding products we have available.

We also consider the lifestyles of our customers. We’re just like you; we live on the edge, and we want it to show in the products we use on a regular basis. As fellow adrenaline junkies, we make sure every product is something you’d be proud to show off. We also know firsthand the type of beating your gloves are going to get, as well as the daily tasks you’ll perform while wearing them, and all of these considerations have gone into the design.


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Your ride isn’t complete without gloves that offer optimum protection along with a cool addition to your gear. Contact Fast Mask today to order your pair so you can get back out on the road in style.