Fast Masks Now With Extra Protection for Covid-19

Posted by Allan Heath on

Across the world, face masks are becoming a standard piece of gear. More businesses are requiring that patrons wear masks, and local governments are mandating public mask-wearing to help control the Coronavirus outbreak. Finding the right face mask that doesn't impact your daily routine involves a lot of trial and error. At Fast Mask, we offer a custom line of masks that feature an additional layer of protection. We have listened to our customer feedback and have created a new line of masks that feature a filter pocket.

Lightweight and Breathable Face Mask

Getting used to wearing a mask for long hours at work or while running errands and shopping takes some time. It's also essential to choose a protective face mask that is made from lightweight, breathable fabric. Disposable masks are difficult to find in stock. They're also increasingly becoming a serious litter problem with some people tossing their disposable masks on the ground instead of in the trash.

Reusable cloth masks can be effective protection and more beneficial to the planet than disposables. Mask wearers should routinely wash their fabric masks to keep them disinfected. Our new mask product line gives people options for a mask that is stylish and not stifling hot for long hours working with the public or taking care of daily tasks.

Fast mask face mask

Extra Layer of Protection  

Cloth masks that offer an extra layer of protection may be more effective at preventing germs from the virus spreading to others. With the new style of our Fast Mask, there will be an extra layer of fabric sewn in, allowing for a filter to be placed inside. Instead of two layers of protection, this new style offers three layers.

The filter pocket allows users to insert a powerful 3m filter into their mask and get that extra shield from tiny germ particles. Adding a single extra layer and a filter offers more defence without heavy bulk over the nose and mouth.

Face Mask filter

Preventing the Spread

Wearing a mask wherever you go is one of the top ways to keep the virus from ravaging our community. It's time to help be part of the solution and keep the virus from spreading. If more people wear masks and focus on protecting themselves and everyone around them in public, the virus's effects could be diminished and life may start to go back to normal. Many experts have recommended the positives of wearing masks when it's not possible to stay at home or social distance.

Besides consistently wearing a mask in public, it's also important to continue to wash your hands and avoid touching your face. If you are experiencing any symptoms or feeling sick, it's best to stay home and avoid being around others.

Unique Designs That Make a Statement

Your mask can also make a statement about your personality and your style. We offer a large selection of cool patterns and unique fabrics for masks. Ordering masks in a few different styles and designs will give you plenty of options so that you can choose a mask that matches your mood or your outfit when you’re out and about doing the things that you love.

With the right mask that offers the most protection and keeps your face from feeling weighed down, you can continue to live your life and make new memories. Our lightweight, effective masks give you a way to get back to bike riding, trail running, exploring, beachcombing or finding your next adventure.

Check out some of the exciting fabric designs for masks we offer. At Fast Mask, we aim to help our customers get outside and continue to live life to the fullest while wearing masks that offer the best in layered, lightweight protection.