Fleece Fast Mask: Avid Runners Won't Let the Cold Weather Stop Them

Posted by Allan Heath on

Winter runners are a different breed of athlete. You’ve got stamina, grit and determination. Nothing stops you from clicking off the miles, not even when the mercury dips below zero and the white stuff falls from the sky. Getting yourself out that front door might not always be easy, but you do it anyway.

Staying warm and protecting your skin from the damages freezing temperatures cause can make your cold-weather runs more enjoyable and safer. A Fast Mask fleece face mask is one go-to piece of clothing to add to your winter gear. Here are ways to make sure you can continue to pound the pavement when the weather tries to drive you indoors.

Dress for Success

As the temperatures plummet, often the first reaction is to bundle up, especially when the season is just getting started. The sudden change can be a shock to the system. You know you’ve got to tough it out, but don’t overdo it on the layers. Whatever the thermometer says, dress as if it is actually 10-20 degrees warmer. If you aren’t a little chilly when you head out the door, you’ve got too many clothes on.

Getting overheated when you run can actually cause a chill, which can quickly turn an awesome training session into a miserable experience. Wear layers of high-tech clothing designed to wick moisture away so that any hard-earned sweat doesn’t stay close to your skin. Zippers at the neck and under the arms also help to vent extra heat as your body warms up.

Protect Your Face

It’s as important to protect the skin on your face as it is the rest of your body. When the cold air strikes you in the face, it’s more than uncomfortable; it can be dangerous. Not even the toughest winter athlete wants to deal with a case of frostbite. Windburn is less serious, but it can still be seriously uncomfortable and leave you with dry, peeling skin for days.

A fleece face mask protects you from the cold and the wind but won’t crimp your running style. The fleece material keeps you warm while it wicks away moisture, keeping you dry when you break out in a sweat. It’s also soft and breathable, so you don’t have to give up comfort for protection. When it's a clear day, Fast Mask’s face masks provide additional protection from the sun’s rays, helping you avoid a winter sunburn.

Fleece Fast Mask

Wear the Right Foot Gear

Keep your feet happy and they’ll keep you moving across the miles throughout the winter months. You want to hold the warmth in while staying dry. The less mesh on your shoes, the better off your feet will be. Better yet, opt for a pair of waterproof running shoes and you won’t have to tough out the slush. Wool socks give you added warmth and wick away wetness so your feet stay dry.

Change Into Something Dry After

Breaking out into the shivers because your core temperature has dropped and you’re still sitting in your wet clothes is no reward for your hard work! Once your run is finished, get yourself into some dry clothes, even if the shower has to wait. A nice warm drink also helps as your core temperature drops post-run, or a steaming bowl of soup goes a step further by replenishing your body with nutrients and sodium.

Hit the Pavement in Style and Comfort

Fast Mask carries a wide variety of designs. No matter your running style, you are sure to find a fleece face mask style to suit your own daring personality. If you find that fleece is too warm for where you live, our regular face masks still provide protection from the wind and sun. If you don’t find the design you’re looking for, check out our custom design option. Give us a shout for more information about our products.