The Perfect Fast Mask for Cooler Weather

Posted by Allan Heath on

Have you ever gone out riding, snowboarding, or hunting in cold weather and thought your nose was going to freeze off? You may have been convinced you were exaggerating, but freezing temperatures really can damage your skin and even your nose. A great way to protect your face from cold, sun, and wind is with a face mask that's designed for frigid weather. Fast Mask has a full line of fleece face masks that are perfect for all your winter adventures.

Covering your face when exposed to cooler weather does more than just warm you up; it can also shield you from sunburn and windburn. When you are looking for protection from cold, though, you have to think about more than just the feeling of your skin. Have you ever found yourself breathing hard from exertion during chilly weather and felt a sting in your throat or lungs? Cold, dry air enters your body when you breathe in and can wreak havoc on your nose, mouth, and throat. Wearing a fleece face mask can help keep the inside of your mouth and nose moist, which you'll really appreciate if you've ever had dry mouth or nose bleeds when out in freezing temperatures.

fleece fast fast for cool weather

Why Fleece?

Polyester fleece insulates against the cold. It's a synthetic fibre that was designed to imitate wool, which is also insulating. However, the advantage of fleece is that it's not itchy and it's lighter than wool for the same amount of warmth. When you're talking about a piece of fabric that's going to be right up against your face all day, you don't want it to feel smooth against the skin and remain breathable.

Fleece is also water-resistant, so water beads up on the surface instead of penetrating through and getting your skin wet. At the same time, it can help wick moisture away from your skin if you start to sweat. It does a great job overall of balancing out the moisture issue when you're outside in cold, dry winter air, or in rainy or snowy conditions.

Unlike wool, It's easy to take care of polyester fleece. You don't need to wash it by hand or wait days for it to drip dry. It's durable, versatile, and warm. Throw it in the washing machine at the end of the day, and it will be ready to wear again tomorrow. Another bonus is that it doesn't stink when it's wet.

Why Fast Mask?

Our fleece face masks are comfortable to wear and customizable for whatever conditions you find yourself in. You can use one as a neck gaiter, a beanie, a headband, a balaclava, and so much more. If you're heading out and you don't know how cold it's going to get, you can easily carry a fleece Fast Mask with you by wrapping it around your wrist or using it around your neck as a scarf. If you find your nose getting cold or your throat getting dry, just pop it up to cover your nose and mouth. The same goes for entering a building and needing a quick face covering. If it's much colder than you anticipated, you can rearrange your Fast Mask to cover more of your face and head, and you can even wear two together for more coverage.

Our unique patterns and styles guarantee that your winter face mask is never boring. They let your attitude, personality, and adventurous spirit shine through even when people can't see your face. Fast Mask's fleece line is made of soft, stretchy polyester microfiber on the outside and warm fleece on the inside, so the design you choose never fades.

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