Why Are Face Masks Necessary When Skiing or Snowboarding?

Posted by Allan Heath on

With winter just around the corner, are you already longingly looking at your skis or board tucked away in your closet as the last sweltering days of the summer bear down and cool fall temps begin to settle in? We don’t blame you! It’s been a brutal season, and we can’t wait for the blanket of white stuff either. Now is the time to start preparing your gear, and that includes making sure you have everything you need so that you can hit the slopes without delay as soon as the lifts start running.

Even in conditions that seem relatively mild, protective outerwear is essential. Grabbing a hat, gloves, goggles, glasses, waterproof pants and a jacket are second nature to those who get as much or more of a thrill out of winter adventures as they do summer, but it’s easy to overlook the need for a face mask. Cruisin' down the side of the mountain exposes your face to the elements, and winter conditions can be harsher than summer. Fast Mask fleece face masks are exactly what you need.

Protection From the Sun

We all know the damage the sun can do to our skin. There is undoubtedly not a person out there who hasn’t forgotten to apply sunscreen at least once in their lives and paid the price for it. The annoying and sometimes painful sting of a sunburn and the days of peeling skin that follows are not simply inconveniences, they can have long-term effects that none of us wants to deal with.

Though the air is cold, the sun’s rays are made stronger because they shine down and then reflect back up onto us as they bounce off the bright white snow on the ground. A skiing and snowboarding face mask covers the sensitive skin on your face, preventing the sun from doing damage. Fast Mask carries a wide assortment of protective fleece face masks for the avid winter outdoor thrill-seeker.

Protection From the Wind

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the wind rushing past as you’re shredding the gnar. What a rush that is — when it isn’t hammering you too intensely. When that wind strikes the skin, it can be less than comfortable. Add to that the snow hitting your face as it whips around, and the wind can put a serious damper on your good time.

Our fleece face masks keep the wind out and your face warm. They also stay put, right where they’re supposed to be. You don’t have to worry about the wind stealing your thunder or your mask, and our snowboarding face masks have style. Check out our assortment of designs, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, give us a shout. We’ll customize your mask with the look you want.

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Protection From the Cold

Frostbite is the enemy of the winter adventurer. The combination of cold temperatures and windy conditions you get on the slopes is prime for frostbite. It can happen fast, too. One run down without the right protection and your skin is toast. Covering up with a fleece face mask gives you the protection you need for a day’s worth of cruisin’.

The cold can also just be uncomfortable without the right outerwear, and it can distract you while you’re hittin’ the jump. If you’re going to bail, let it be because you’re doing a really gnarly trick and not because you are too cold to concentrate. Wearing the right outwear, including a snowboarding face mask, let’s you focus on what you’re doing rather than how cold you’re feeling.

Fast Masks for Skiers and Snowboarders

Fast Mask face masks offer style and comfort perfect for winter cruising conditions. Our fleece face masks keep you warm and protect your face from the harsh elements. Get yours today, so you’re ready for that first run on a fresh layer of snow.