Take a Look at the Different Ways To Wear a Fast Mask

Posted by Allan Heath on

Fast Mask is known for creating the best riding gear, including our wide selection of face masks. With so many available, as well as the option to create a custom face mask, you could be stuck trying to choose the perfect one. The good news is you don’t have to decide. With so many different ways to wear a Fast Mask, you may actually need more than one. Check it out!

Outdoor Protection

Fast Masks were originally designed for motorcycling, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Wear your tubular bandana to cover your face while horseback riding, snow skiing, ATV riding, running, fishing or hunting. They particularly come in handy when the weather cools down, or you’re participating in a cold-weather sport such as skiing. Pull the mask up over your mouth and nose, make sure it covers your ears, and enjoy all the activities you participate in the rest of the year.

Your mask can also be used as a scarf. Just leave it sitting loosely around your neck when you need that added warmth on a cold day. If it gets extra cold, pull it up over your mouth or nose, just as you would otherwise.

Hair Accessories

For adventurers with long hair, our face masks come in handy on a regular basis. Use one as a ponytail holder when you’re playing sports or just need your hair out of your face. Scrunch it together and pull it up over the front of your hairline as a “crown” headband. Turn your mask into a foulard by pulling it all the way up over your face, fitting snuggly around your hairline and cascading down the back.


Different Ways To Wear a Fast Mask


Because our masks are moisture-wicking, they’re perfect to use as sweatbands. Double yours up to wear as a band around your wrist or ankle. Bunch it up and wear it around the crown of your head like a sweatband when you’re working out or just trying to look the part. You can also wear it around your neck to wick the moisture away when you’re working or playing hard.

Head Coverings

There are a lot of ways to twist and tuck your mask to turn it into a head covering. Your lifestyle makes all the difference in how you create your head covering:

  • Balaclava — Pull your mask on so it’s around your neck, just as you would normally. Take the back and pull it up over the top of your head, stopping at the hairline. This creates a head covering in which your head and neck are covered, but your face is exposed. You can also pull the front up over your nose and mouth for additional coverage, leaving just your eyes exposed.
  • Sahariane — Turn your mask inside out and place it flat on the top of your head. One opening should sit at your hairline, the other hanging down the back of your head. Put your hand into the front of the tube to hold the mask flat on your head. With the other hand, pull the top layer of the tube down over the back of your head. That back section will hang down to protect your neck from the weather or to just add a little flair to your outfit.
  • Beanie Cap — Turn your mask inside out and give it a twist right in the centre. Pull one half down over your head like a beanie. The twist should sit right on top of your head. Holding the twist secure, pull the second layer down over the first layer and adjust as needed.

Which Masks Will You Add to Your Collection?

As you can see, there are so many things you can do with a Fast Mask. Whether you use it as a riding face mask, a wristband for sports or a balaclava for your perfect disguise, you have dozens of designs to choose from. Check out our selection today.