What Makes Fast Masks Perfect for Kids at School

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Back-to-school time is exciting and challenging for children and parents alike. This year, the continuing pandemic of COVID-19 is complicating matters even further. To slow the spread, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States and the Public Health Agency of Canada both recommend cloth face coverings for most people over the age of 2. However, kids will be kids, and it can be difficult to impress upon them the importance of wearing a mask as much as possible. The best face mask for kids may be one that it is fun for them to wear, does not come off easily, and allows children to participate in the activities that they love. Fast Mask neck gaiters in junior sizes meet all of these criteria.

How Do Masks Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19?

Along with hand hygiene, social distancing, and surface disinfection, public health agencies recommend that people over the age of 2 wear cloth face coverings as part of a comprehensive effort to prevent dangerous viral infections like COVID-19 from spreading. Masks are especially important in situations where it is difficult or impossible to maintain the recommended six feet, or two metres, of distance between people, such as in the classroom.

The main function of a mask is to catch the droplets of moisture that are emitted when a person exhales while breathing or talking. These droplets can contain the virus, and if other people were to inhale them, they may become infected. It is important for people to wear masks even when they don't feel sick because people can be infectious and spread the disease before showing symptoms.

Some masks are more effective at slowing the spread than others. For example, the fabric should be tightly woven so that nothing shows through when holding it up to the light, and natural fibres are usually preferable to synthetic ones. However, when choosing a face mask for kids, parents may have to make some compromises. A synthetic face covering that your child will wear is preferable to a natural-fibre face covering that he or she won't.

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What Makes Fast Mask Neck Gaiters Perfect for Kids at School?

It is crucial that your kids keep their faces covered as much as possible when interacting with others at school. Unlike masks that hook over the ears, neck gaiters do not fall off and are harder to lose as a child goes about his or her normal school day. When it is necessary to remove the face covering, such as at lunch, it is a simple matter for your child to pull the gaiter down and then move it back up as needed. Masks are more effective when the air goes through the mask instead of leaking out from around the sides. There is less chance of this with a neck gaiter because it goes all the way around the head.

While wearing a mask is an important step to slow the spread of COVID-19, when the weather is warm a face covering can make breathing more difficult. This is especially true if a child is running around and playing outside because the mask can get wet with perspiration. Our neck gaiters were initially designed to provide sun and wind protection to people participating in sports and other activities. They are made of breathable, moisture-wicking material to keep your child cool and dry while playing out in the sun.


See All the Cool Face Mask for Kids' Options

A child may be more concerned about the opinion of his or her peers than the risk of COVID-19. Fortunately, our Jr size neck gaiters come in a variety of cool designs, including sports motifs, cartoon characters, and superheroes. Browse our selection and find a face covering your child will be excited to wear.